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Dre Hazel is stuck in traffic school for having too many points on her license and Lance Hart is her instructor. She is not planning on sitting through hours of boring driving school stuff. Instead she plans to break Lance’s balls if he doesn’t sign off and say she completed the class… Dre is slightly flirty, and very dominant at the same time. This clip is a lot of grinding her foot into his cock and balls, hard hard knees, threatening and begging. Dre Hazel just kneed her driver school instructor in the balls over and over until he finally submitted to just sign off and say she finished the class. But Dre isn’t done with him. She loves to break men, but she also gets horny. She wants to play with his cock and see if his balls even still work. Dre gets really sensual really quick, stroking her teacher’s cock, kissing him, squeezing his balls, fingering his ass to milk his prostate… She brings him to the edge and keeps him there, then finally milks his cum out all over her big tits. Right after he cums, she knees him in his sensitive balls one last time, dropping him, then walks off. CFNM, BLACK LEGGINGS, BIG TITS, KISSING, SENSUAL HANDJOB, PROSTATE MASSAGE, BALL PLAY, CUM ON TITS, HARD KNEES, BALLBUSTING, BALL STOMPING

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